Jaron joined the Sell My House Augusta Team in 2014 and has been a longtime friend of Paul since college.  Most known for his "Let's do a DEAL" attitude, Jaron will work with clients until he can figure out a way to help everyone involved.

Paul founded Sell My House Augusta after being an apprentice during college for different real estate investors throughout Georgia.  His area knowledge combined with learned expertise in re-habing and renovating projects of all sizes is becoming widely known around the CSRA.

Paul Rush

Sell My House Augusta

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With more than 8 years of experience in residential real estate, Sell My House Augusta provides award winning service to our clients.  Whether your property is distressed, abandoned, beyond repair, we can help.  If you are behind in your mortgage or taxes, have uncostly repairs you just do not want to make, or are feeling trapped in a property with no clear exit strategy, let our team HELP you TODAY!

The CSRA's Home Buying Professionals

Ashley also joined the Sell My House Augusta Team in 2014.  While being responsible for ensuring most of the day to day business activities are attended to, Ashley plays an integral role as office manager.

Ashley Galloway

Jaron Bergeron